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Adrianne is our second "Matapalooza instructor. This Mat workout focuses on the order of the exercises. Adrianne has you do each intermediate Mat exercise with only one repetition. You will repeat it two more times to give you a great workout. Adrianne really knows how to get your heart pumping!

For "Matapalooza," our regular instructors came together to share their knowledge and different styles with each other and our members. This series is about sharing the love of Pilates, friendship, and moving to feel good. Make sure you try the classes by Amy, Monica, Niedra, and Meredith as well. You can do them by themselves or put them together to make longer classes.

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So I just want to say how excited I am that we are all together. The regular PA instructors, this is a treat. Today I'm going to be teaching an intermediate mat, probably a higher level, but I'd like to focus on the order going from one exercise to the other, but only one repetition each. So let's begin by scanning. I think though I may actually have you do a full three sets of each mat, so I will be a workout and move forward. This is actually one of the great things that Romana told us when we first, even before we were apprentices, at least me, um, was to memorize the order.

So because the order teaches you why we're doing it, the purpose, so cross one leg over the other and begin to sit. Go ahead and lift your bottom exactly and lie all the way down on your mat. We're going to begin with a full hundred to warm up. But then from that point on, we'll only do the 10 and I'll, I'll remind you. So beginning with your hundreds, you're going to lift your legs, lift your arms, lift your heads and breathe again. Breathing too. Okay. Alright, excellent there. Fuck five.

Reaching the legs and wrapping the thighs. 22 excellent. We want to keep the energy going and yeah. Excellent. Two, three, four, five 42 currently. Excellent. Getting nice and warm. Getting the blood into the body. Moving. 62, three, four. Exhale. Two, three, four, five, 75 exhale, two, three, four, five. Okay, pause 91 more time to five and exhale. Go ahead. Lower those legs. Stretch the arms back into your role. Begin arms up. Heads up, round and roll. Drop your head stretch. Come right back down.

Going into your leg. Circle one knee in. Take the leg up and circle around and up. One reverse and switch legs and circle and up and reverse and upset on up. Lift your seats. Sit at your heels, grab your ankles, roll like a ball one time and come right back up. Place your hands at your hips. Lift your bottom, stretch back. Lie Down into single leg, stretch position and switch. And now double leg arms.

The legs go out, arms and legs come in. [inaudible] scissors. Take one leg up and pulse. One, one, one, one hands behind your heads, both legs up lower and left Chris, cross elbow to the knee. You can intensify this as much as you like. And so that first spine, stretch forward, legs apart, feet flex. Take yourselves forward. Flex those feet though all the way. Get your heads on mat and come back up and go into open lake rocker so you'll probably, yes, very nice. Nice. That's what I wanted to see.

That's how it's done. You grab those legs and you catch them and now lift your backs and lie down. Bringing the legs together. Legs will stay at 90 and circle again as big as you like or as small as you like and center and reverse it and come on up for sizzle or for SOM. Excuse me. Legs apart, arms out, feet flexed, and go ahead and turn to your right reach. Hey, come on up and I should see your nose on your knee and your heels pushing away and come back up and center. Flip over to your stomach for nuts roll.

So lying flat, hands underneath your shoulders. Push into the palms. Come up as high as you'd like. Make sure those powerhouses are strong. They are lifted. Look right. Roll your heads down, left and center. Looking left. Don't let the shoulders move he the center and then come on down into single leg. Kick up onto the elbows.

Make your Fisk ribs up and kick. Kick, left kick, kick lie on down. Hands behind your back and through kicks. One, two, three and stretch. Switched your cheek. Turn her head and switch. Excuse me, kick to three and reach for those ankles and sit back on your heels to stretch. You get a moment to relax and then you're going to flip over to your backs. For Neck, pool, legs are apart, feet are flex energy out of those heels. Nice tight seats. Deep breath in. Round yourselves over all the way. Nose between your knees, throwing yourselves up again as big as you want them. You can go advanced and hinge back and around, back down or you could just curl down and flip over to your left side.

For like kicks. Get yourselves lined up as quickly as possible. Hip on top of hip, leg up, hip level and two kicks forward. Kick, kick. Nice, soft feet. Nice tight seat and l straight up. One exercise of each and all the way down and circling. One, reverse your circle. Smaller little circles. And to flip over to your stomach's for transition beat.

I'll have you do 10 reached the legs out long cause normally we do 20 and clap. Two three, four, five oh two three four plot and flip to the right hip on top of hip, leg up, hip level. Front kick and kick. Kick and back and up and down. And take the leg up. Reach out and come down. And a little circle, one add, reverse little circle to lie onto your back. Teaser. One, two, three. Beginning with teaser one, bring both knees in. Take the legs up, lower them down and around, up to the toes. Hold the legs there, stretch up tall, come back down. Keep the legs still and I'll come back up in and hold. He's there. Two lower left.

Everything's going to go down together for teaser. Three arms back, arms up. Everything comes up together. Reach for those toes. Reach for the ceiling. Oh, back down. And then you're gonna sit up. Put your hands at your hips. Sit at your heels, going into seal. [inaudible] hands inside the leg. Heads forward. Three cops. One, two, three. You're going to go back. Clap two, three. Come up to standing crusher like the pressure on Sandel slip around.

That's something I want to smiling and arms up. Walk down that you're going to have to turn around going into pushup. Walk out into your planks. One pushup and up. Walk back to the feet and around. Up. Turn around. Point back to this same beginning exercises. Cross your legs.

So now we're going to pick up the pace. Go down. So I'm going to try to just say the exercises at this point and I'd like to see, hopefully all of us sticking together. All right, taking the arms up. Roll-Ups, how, excuse me. Hundreds. I almost forgot myself. All right. Take your arms up, heads up, legs up, and ten one, two, four, five oh three four five. Lie down for roll up. Only one set and around, up in, over. Touch the toes.

Come back down lake circles. That's it. One each way. And then reverse. And then switch legs and circle. Nice, relaxed shoulders and set it for rolling like a ball. Grab your ankles and roll. Curl those chins. Drop the head. Lift your seat, stretch back, single leg stretch.

You know it. And switch one, add one AA, arms, legs and in scissors. Pulse and switch as double straight leg. All the way up with those legs. Criss Cross one. Set each right and left. Sit Up for spine. Stretch forward, feet flex, round down. Touch the floor. Come back up. Very nice and open leg rockers. Legs Up.

Grab those ankles and take yourselves back. Very nice. Come up. Make sure you grow tall. Bring the legs together, walk down those legs into corkscrews and circle around. Keep those hips still and center and around and center. Sit Up for saw legs with part out. Add, turn and stretch whatever way you want to go. As long as you switch sides and turn and stretch up as center.

Flip over for neck roll. Push into the palms, come up off those chest looking right rural your heads down left and center. Look left down around, right, center on down single leg kick, kick, kick. Go right into it. Left kick, kick, double leg heads down, hands back. Tick one, two, three, lots of energy. Still reach and switched cheeks at one, two, three. Reach for those the heels and sit back and stretch. You get one moment to pause and then you're going to flip over for neck roll. Go Amy. Fate flex tip with the part, hands back. That's right. Learning the movements.

Come on up around over and sit up tall. You can either stay tall or you can go ahead and roll down. You can hinge or you can curl and line your left side for kick. Front kick one kick forward, kick at up and down to the ceiling and lower little circle one and reverse little circle to flip over to your stomach. 10 beats and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 over to the other side. You go girls and like up and kick.

Kick back and now up and down and up. Reach those legs, keeping those hips still and circling one and reverse and circle and flip over to your backs for teasers. Bring the legs in if you'd like, and take the legs up and no around. Reach for the toes. Teaser one. Sit up tall and come back down. Now it comes a teaser to try not to tell you hello or lifted. Yeah, that's it. Lift those legs and everything down together. Teaser three, everything comes up together. Reach for those toes. Reach for the ceiling. Bring yourselves down. You're going to end up sitting up for seals. Next, keeping the energy moving. Very nice. Grab onto those ankles. Heads forward.

One, two, three. One, two, three, up, standing tall. Arms that turn around. Walk down those legs and walk out into your playing, having fun and now one pushup and come up. Walk back around yourselves. Back Up. And I've got one last set for you. You're almost done. Cross your legs. Sit down. This is a great way to learn the exercises.

Stretch back. End your four year body. All right, hundreds arms up, one set, two, three, four, five, four, five and lower the arms. Lower the heads and all the way up per roll up. Nose between the knees. Bring yourselves down for single leg circle, circle and oh nice. Quiet hips. Nice strong backs and shoulders right down. Sit at for rolling like a ball. So lift the seats. Sit at your heels. No sliding and roll back and come up.

Drop your feet, lift your seats and stretch. Lie Down for single leg. Stretch one and double leg. Stretch. Arms and legs. Arms like to come back together. Single leg. Pull and pull and pull and hands back. Lower and lifting crisscross and one and one and sit up for your spine.

Stretch forward, legs apart, and take yourselves forward and bring yourselves up. Keep the energy going. Hope your leg rockers. You can make it advanced by lifting the legs or not. It's up to you and come on up and lift. Close the legs. Walk down those legs into corkscrews one each way and to the right and center and to the left. Keep those hips still. Center is set up first saw legs apart. Fee Flex Ed turn.

Reach for those toes and up and center and turn. Yes you can advance it and center. Flip over to your stomach. Scored an f roll almost done here. Push into the palms. Come up off the chest. Homies up. Nice tight seats. Looking right to rule around. Look left and center and left.

Look right and center. Lie down per single leg. Kicked up onto the elbows, making those fists and kick, kick and kick. Kick everything lies down. Hands behind your back and three kicks. One, two, three and stretch and last one, one, two, three. Really reach, get this boxed. Really work and sit back on your heels. Very good. Flip over for neck, pool, lying down. Energy other's heels. Hand behind your heads. Deep breath in, peeling off that mat all the way over. You should keep those elements open.

Sit up tall, hinge backwards. Keep the elbows wide and then curl yourself. Down-Line your left side side gigs. Get yourself lined and kick, kick and back, up and down. Don't let those hips move. They stay right on top of each other. And circle one, reverse around two. Flip over to your stomach.

Leg transition beats and 245678910 over the other side. Both leads forward. Front kicks, kick, kick and back and up and down. Lift and lower and circle and one and reverse. And to learn to the back. Teaser. One, two, three and preparing. Take the arms back, arms up.

Bring yourselves to teaser one. Lift your backs. Bring everything down, but the legs and come back up at whole. Just the legs now teaser to lower lift. Now everything goes down together. Everything comes up together. Teaser through you. Reach for the toast structure, backs. When you lift those arms, bring yourselves down for seals so you can sit up, sit at your heels, grab onto those ankles, and one, two, three back. Remember you're going to come up to standing. Cross your legs, Cross your arm, come up to standing, flip yourselves around, arms up, walk down those legs out into a plank. Elbows will bend into the ribs one long line and walk back.

And now here's where we're going to stop up. Turn to face each other. Give yourselves an applause. [inaudible].


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Was very tight today and didnt feel like doing anything, so having it structured this way actually made it easier for me, like a spoon plane to feed a fussy child.
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This is what I call non-stop and Express Pilates.
I actually got my heart rate up. Loved this!
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whew! glad I didn't shower yet today! fun, challenging, got my heart rate up!
This was a fun class and quickly gets the body moving - glad you all enjoyed it, thanks!
This is GREAT for a quick workout on the go! Thanks again for a great session :)
So glad you enjoyed it, this was a super fun routine when Master teacher Romana gave it to us, so I'm happy to hear you liked it too!
Fantastic to get the heart beat up tone the body, and memorize the movements!
Love this class - great flow, and really forces you to breathe properly! Thanks :)
Romana had us do this over and over again, along with all the other work. She stressed knowing the exercises as it developed an understanding in the body as well as the mind. Thanks for taking!
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