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By request, Niedra teaches an advanced mat class in under 20 minutes. This is a chance for the experienced practitioner to practice flow and finding the rhythm of the work in their own body, rather than focusing on the technique. At this level, the technique should already be in the body so Niedra teaches class with little commentary other than stating the names of the exercise.
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Feb 18, 2013
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Good afternoon. Today I'm going to be doing an advanced matte from beginning to end without any pause and actually I'm not even going to comment very much besides saying the name. There's been a lot of requests to have routines that are under 30 minutes, which is actually the whole aspiration of the map work. You get out of bed, you've brought roll onto the floor or whenever it works for you during the day you do your 20 to 30 minutes of math work and it's in your system. So as it's advanced, the assumption is that you know everything already. I'm the focus now is on flow and I'm feeling good and feeling the rhythms in your own body rather than the technique per se because the technique is already within the body and this is a really crucial detail to be aware of when you get going. So here we go. I'm going to start starting out with the hundreds. I'm adding some variations with leg alignment [inaudible] last one with control Dow and going right into roll up.

So good, low repetitions at the advanced work to get a lot of stimulation into the body rolling down into overhead. I'm not sure if the, there is a floor behind me, so I'll pretend there is one and hope there isn't. Lifting up, going over, flexing and reversing. [inaudible] last one, reaching back, grabbing the ankles, rolling down, stretching the hamstrings into single leg circles. Only three repetitions in each direction. Advanced work. It's more on speed.

Okay. Other side, little stretch. Same thing again. Okay. Reversing it. Rolling up for rolling like a ball.

Trying to stay as compact and small as I can. Rolling down into single leg stretches, double leg stretches hovering above the floor. [inaudible] into scissors, flexed feet into lower. Lift into crisscross. Okay. Every time to extend back. And normally I would row up.

But is that getting off the table here? Spine stretch forward, really working the articulation of the spine and attempting to get all the way down between the legs. So again, the interpretation is quite different. Okay. At the advanced level than it is at the beginning to mediate and brings out a whole different array of qualities. Whoa, whoa. Rocking. Definitely watching my balance here as I want to be sure.

I don't get off the table. Very good. Rolling down onto my back. I'm just going to move down a little bit for a corkscrew, and this is the traditional corkscrew, not going to the ceiling and doing three circles in one direction. So it really is like a corkscrew, reversing it in the opposite direction and the last one rolling all the way up. Rolling down and rolling back up into saw.

Love this one because it opens up my side body and rolling down onto my stomach for the whole sets of back extensions is starting out with one that's very seldom done anymore, which is next stretch. So I'm just turning my head as I do this. I'm dropping the opposite shoulder to stretch out. Turning my head the other way. Dropping just to get that extra stretch into the neck and rolling back down.

Coming up into single leg kicks, doubling kicks, [inaudible] and adding in. Rocking right here, warming up the back and the shoulders coming up into a full feel [inaudible] and into swan dive. So the back's been warmed up. Beautiful. Stretching the spine out back to the back for neck pose reversal. Okay. Right. He really opening up the spine in opposition to the movements that have just been done.

Last one and going right into something that's not done very often anymore, which is scissors in the air. [inaudible] into bicycle. In bicycle. The attempt is to get the back leg touching the floor if possible. [inaudible] reversing it. Wonderful Way to stretch out the hip flexors.

[inaudible] rolling down, going right into bridge. Okay. And the third one, placing the hands under the hips with the fingers out for the traditional way of doing the leg kicks with support into the lower back. Again, to really open up the hip flexors to the next level. Again, the understanding is that the body's really ready to take these more extreme poses very easily rolling down, coming back up into spine twist and rolling back down for a Jack Knife. [inaudible] and rolling right into sidekicks.

So hands can be here or here. Forward and back, going up and down and going into little scissors. I'm sorry, little circles and bigger circles. And reversing it small, bigger, bigger, and then going into bicycle. So again, at the advanced level we're actually working towards larger range of movement. The body is not quite as immobile as it doesn't need to come to balance, but now there is a lot of stability and control in the instrument that you've all in me included, I've been working on and then going into side lifts and scissors, small scissors, big scissors and write into little beats and rolling to the other side. I'm just gonna adjust my care. Very good. Other side, again, the hand can be here or here. This side.

I'll take it in front of me. Yeah, just three, five of these and little [inaudible] little circles into a bigger circle, into the biggest circle that the bodies were able to do. Small Circle, bigger circle. Biggest circle right into bicycles. [inaudible] and reversing it. [inaudible] into lifts, side lifts into small scissors, sides, scissors and big ones and right onto the back for teaser and into teaser.

So up. Ideally everything stays in the air. I know the way down and last one coming up, going onto the hands. The hands can be here for first of all, hip twists are sometimes called Cancan. Again, not often done a favorite with Ramana. Just warming up the waist.

[inaudible] into hip circles can be done here, can be done here and lowering down the floor onto the stomach for swimming and coming right up from here into balance control front and not balanced. Controlled Front leg pull front and then transitioning into the back. Hips, her up kick suck, lowering down and coming up for sidekicks. Kneeling. Okay, side lift.

[inaudible] cite circles lifting up other side side lifts. [inaudible] side circles. [inaudible] lifting up, coming into mermaid. So again, as I said at this level, the focus is really letting the body move and feeling the flow, fluidity of it, the motion, and just enjoying moving and getting the whatever, the rust of the day out and not taking too long, wondering if you're doing it the right way or not. Extending out and going into side Benz.

The wonderful, wonderful way to very quickly run through the whole body. [inaudible] and right into boomerang coming right into crab stretch neck, going into balance control. [inaudible] rolling up and coming right into seal [inaudible]. And from here coming right up to a standing position, which I will do on the floor. I'm just getting my mat for the sake of saying in the camera.

So assuming I just finished my last seal right here. I'm standing up, swiveling around, and we're walking down, walking all the way out to front balance control and push ups. Here. I usually bend my knees, so the three pushups. Okay. And walking back [inaudible] rolling up. And this was a workout.

It was done in about, I think under 25 minutes. And I got to do the whole advanced mat, including some of the more traditional archival material, a little bit of everything, very fast, very stimulating. She bring a lot of life for you. Please do enjoy and happy holidays.


She is absolutely beautiful and inspiring!
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Nicely flowing.
Perfect to start the day!
great energy thanks
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you all, for the posts - I so enjoy getting feed back.
It never ceases to amaze me how much the web allows us all to share and connect.
Beautiful work! Really enjoyed this fast mat workout. Thanks do much for putting it together!
I didn't have a lot of time this morning so I tried out this class. Quick but very solid class, great flow!! Loved it:)
This is my "go to" again and again when I only have 20 minutes, but want a full range workout. Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
It is amazing what can be done in 20 minutes. REALLY!!!
Thank you! Just love it.
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