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Notice: All apparatus classes on Pilates Anytime are intended for Pilates professionals and students with significant training on the apparatus. These classes are NOT a suitable place to begin apparatus training. For your safety, please consult a certified Pilates instructor prior to taking.
Thursday, Stretching, Expansion, Breathing, Feel-Good

Aug 05, 2019
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Expand and Stretch
Gia Calhoun
15 min
Studio du Corps
Stretching, Unwinding, Lengthening, Release

Jun 27, 2018
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Unwinding Mat
Lisa Hubbard
40 min
BASI Pilates®
Stretching, Lengthening, Gentle

Mar 26, 2018
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Reformer for Flexibility
Tracey Mallett
35 min
BASI Pilates®
Reformer w/Box
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